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OU English Offers Online M.A. for Teachers

The Department of English is launching a new degree program, a Master of Arts in English for Teachers, starting in May 2015. This online program is ideal for high school teachers who want to deepen their knowledge of literature and writing. While many master’s degree programs for teachers include study of teaching methods, Ohio University’s program focuses on English content: Literary history and analysis; Composition and rhetoric; Creative writing.

All coursework for the Master of Arts in English for Teachers is entirely online. No campus visits are required. Graduates of the program are welcomed and encouraged to participate in commencement ceremonies which are held in May of each year.

The full online program consists of 8 courses (32 credits), including a culminating Master’s Essay. You may take as many or as few courses each semester as fit your schedule. The minimum completion time for the online program is about 18 months or four semesters, which requires taking two courses offered each semester. However, this is not a mandatory schedule; you can complete the program in less than three years while completing one course per semester. Also, courses will be seven weeks each so that you take only one course at a time, but two over the course of one semester (e.g., two seven-week courses taken back-to-back equals two courses per semester, but taken only one at a time).

The application deadline is April 1, 2015.

Classes begin May 11, 2015.

More information on the degree can be found here.

The Department of English

Our department includes faculty distributed among four program areas: Literary Studies, Creative Writing, Composition and Rhetoric, and English Education. We offer doctoral degrees in literary studies, creative writing, and composition/rhetoric, and a master’s degree in English, serving approximately sixty graduate students in any given year. On the undergraduate level, we serve close to six hundred undergraduate majors, including almost two hundred integrated language arts majors enrolled in the College of Education.


Professor Patrick O’Keeffe Publishes Book

Patrick O'Keeffe's novel The Visitors was published through Viking Penguin in March, and has already garnered praise from Publishers Weekly, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and the Knoxville News Sentinel. Check out The Visitors on Amazon for a look inside the book. read more >>

Faculty Member Dinty W. Moore Edits Nonfiction Bestseller

Dinty W. Moore was listed as #6 in Small Press Distribution's top-ten list of bestselling nonfiction titles for 2012." read more >>

Marsha Dutton’s Talks on Medieval Cistercian Writers

In August of 2012, Professor Marsha Dutton gave eight talks on medieval Cistercian writers at Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey in Lafayette, Oregon. read more >>

Student News

Matthew Vetter Awarded the Claude Kantner Graduate Fellowship

The English Department is proud to announce that Ph.D. candidate Matthew Vetter received the Claude Kantner Graduate Fellowship for the 2014-15 academic year. This fellowship is awarded to only five graduate students throughout the entire university.


Craig A. Meyer Receives MLA International Bibliography Fellowship and Publishes Article

Craig A. Meyer, a PhD Candidate, received the MLA International Bibliography this January in Boston. The fellowships help recognize the efforts of scholars who index materials on behalf of the MLA International Bibliography. As partial demonstration of the rigor, only five scholars have completed the fellowship requirements of serving three years as a field bibliographer. This year, Craig became the sixth. In addition to this award, he also recently published an article in the Spring 2013 issue of Computers and Composition Online. read more >>