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Alison Stine

Post-doctoral Fellow

Creative Writing: Nonfiction

Office: 31. S. Court Street Suite 122
Office Phone: 740.593.4546
Email: as972408@ohio.edu
Personal Website


Ph.D., English, Creative Writing, Ohio University
Wallace Stegner Fellow, Stanford University
M.F.A, Poetry, University of Maryland
B.A., English, Denison University



Wait. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2011.
Ohio Violence. Denton: University of North Texas Press, 2009.
Lot of my Sister. (chapbook) Kent: Kent State University Press, 2001.


“Letter.” (poem) A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry.
Eds. Stacey Lynn Brown, Oliver de la Paz.  Akron: The University of Akron Press, 2012.

“Waste.” (poem) Satellite Convulsions: Poems from Tin House. Eds. Brenda Shaughnessy,
CJ Evans. Portland: Tin House Books, 2008.

“Ring of Fire” (essay) Literary Cash: Writings Inspired by the Legendary Johnny Cash. Ed. Bob
Batchelor.  Dallas: Benbella Books, 2007.

“Stranger,” “Passage” (poems) Shooting the Rat.  Eds. Mark Pawlak, Dick Lourie, Ron
Schreiber, Robert Hershon.  New York: Hanging Loose Press, 2003.

“Wind” (poem) Luna, Luna: Creative Writing Ideas from Spanish and Latino Literature. Ed.
Julio Marzan.  New York: Teachers and Writers Collaborative, 1997.

Journal Publications (Essays):

1966: “Everything Was Beautiful,” 2013.
The Athens Messenger: “EDF Study Fatally Flawed,” (reprinted in The Mansfield News Journal), 2013.
Defunct: “The Reptile King,” 2013.
Essay Daily: “Graffiti as Essay,” 2013.
Kaleidoscope: “Fine,” 2013.
Mount Hope: “Blue,” 2013.
Museum of Americana: “The Reformatory,” 2013.
The Santa Fe Writers’ Project Journal: “The Salon in 32B,” 2013.
Southern Humanities Review: “The Apple Trees,” 2013.
Work: “No Earthquake,” 2013.
Wilde Magazine: “Driving Into Sunsets,” 2013.
Zone 3: “The Last Hotel,” 2013.
Better: “West Coast Loneliness,” 2012.
Los Angeles Book Review: “On Poetry and Swimming,” 2012.
New Madrid Review: “Of the Heart,” 2012.
Stone Coast Highway: “City Hall,” 2012.
Georgetown Review: “Girl on the Back of the Bike,” 2008.
Ecotone: “The Earrings,” 2007.
Pebble Lake Review: “Because You Ask,” “What I Need,” 2007.
Santa Clara Review: “Understudies,” 2007.
Sycamore Review: “Don’t Keep Walking,” “How was your Day?” 2007.
Words on Walls: “Elsewhere,” “Instructions for Living: San Francisco,” “One For Sorrow,”
“One Hundred Consecutive Times,” 2007.
Phoebe:  “Eleven Ways of Looking at Travel,” 2006.
The Washington Blade: “Buffy Takes a Bow,” 2004.

Journal Publications (Poetry):

Blackbird: “Dark” [forthcoming].
Crab Orchard Review: “Six Tornadoes” [forthcoming].
Phantom Limb: “Doctor,” “The Old Hand” [forthcoming].
Dashe Magazine: “Second Crop,” 2012.
Iron Horse Literary Review: “Bad Wolf, “Coyote,” “Fracking,” 2012.
Octave Magazine: “Afterward,” “The Corn Plant,” “Erotima,” 2011.
Poetry Daily: “Impetus,” 2011.
Barn Owl Review: “Love Letter,” 2010.
Copper Nickel: “Canary,” 2010.
Devil’s Creek: “Home Remedy,” 2010.
Kenyon Review: “Stepmother,” “Wife,” 2010.
Shenandoah: “Velata,” 2010.
Triquarterly: “Banned for Life from the Artists’ Colony,” 2010.
Black Warrior Review: “To Draw a Line,” 2009.
Mid American Review: “Ohio Violence,” “Not a Love Letter,” 2009.
Valparaiso Poetry Review “Child Bride,” “Marriage,” 2009.
32 Poems: “White Fence,” 2008.
Agni Online: “Gossip,” 2008.
Poetry: “After the Party,” “School,” 2008.
Prairie Schooner: “Judas Horse,” “The Flood,” 2008.
Gulf Coast: “Letter After Dismemberment,” 2007.
The Hat: “Scissors, Hammer, Hoof Pick, Awl,” 2007.
The Journal: “The Sugar House,” 2007.
Passages North: “The Chairs,” “The Flies,” “The Red Thread,” “The Thief,” 2007.
Silk Road: “Road Kill Grave,” “The Way to Keep Going in San Francisco,” 2007.
Blackbird: “Everything is an Instrument,” “Tiresias,” 2006.
Meridian: “Your Gift Arrives Shattered,” 2006.
New England Review: “Dream Anatomy,” “The Rescue,” 2006.
Phoebe, “Blame,” 2006.
PN Review, “The Land,” 2006.
Tin House: “Waste,” 2006.
Sou’Wester: “Palms,” 2006.
Fourteen Hills: “X All the Animals,” 2005.
River City: “Elegy for the Interrupted,” “Nothing Happened,” 2005.
Swink: “Catalogue,” “In the Limbo of Lost Toys,” “White Shirt Poem,” 2005.
The Antioch Review: “Perfect,” 2004.
Fugue: “Shut-In,” 2004.
Gulf Coast: “The Curfew,” 2004.
Mid-American Review: “Morphology,” 2004.
Phoebe: “Impetus,” “White Asparagus,” 2004.
Willow Springs: “Kabul Lion,” “Swimmers,” 2004.
5 Trope: “The Short History of Girl,” 2003.
Hayden’s Ferry: “Homer, Ohio,” 2003.
Mid-American Review: “Moon Lake Electric,” 2003.
Poet Lore: “After the Body,” “Tidal Basin,” 2003.
Poetry: “What Is Missing,” 2003.
Post Road: “Salt,” “Three Months, No Kidding,” 2003.
Salt Hill: “Rabbit of the World,” 2003.
The Beloit Poetry Journal: “Rembrandt’s Mistress,” 2002.
Black Warrior Review: “Grace,” 2002.
The Journal: “When the Hand is a Knife,” 2002.
Kenyon Review: “The Otto Bar,” “When I Taught Mary to Eat Avocado,” 2002.
Paris Review: “Fall Burning,” 2002.
Verse Daily: “When I Taught Mary to Eat Avocado,” 2002.
Crab Orchard Review: “Porches,” 2000.
Pleiades: “Fields Beyond Fields,” 2000.
Kenyon Review: “Blood Music,” “Lot of My Sister,” “Vincent’s Ear,” “The Wig,” 1999.


English 363: Creative Writing: Nonfiction
English 3080J: Writing and Rhetoric II
English 1510: Writing and Rhetoric

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