English @ OU

Master's Program

Students enter M.A. programs in English for a variety of reasons. Some wish simply to extend their liberal education beyond the bachelor's level; others want professional training for high school or junior college teaching; still others see the M.A. as a stepping-stone to the Ph.D. and a career in college teaching. At Ohio University we have designed an M.A. program that meets the diverse needs of these different students. We believe that all students should have a thorough grounding in the basic elements of literary study; thus all students must satisfy a common set of core requirements. We also believe, however, that students should have the right to give their studies a particular emphasis, and thus we offer a choice of three departmental concentrations. These concentrations are carefully selected groups of courses that give each master's program a distinctive focus.

M.A. Requirements

Our M.A. program is a two-year (four semester) undertaking, although full-time students who are not Teaching [Assistants] may complete it in less time; Students pursuing the Master of Arts in English must satisfy the following requirements:

Introduction to English Studies

ENG 5950 deals with enumerative and descriptive bibliography and methods of scholarship. It also provides a general introduction to graduate study and research in English literature and language.

Teaching College English

ENG 5890, ordinarily taken in the student's first semester and required only of teaching associates, is designed to offer various kinds of practical and theoretical information and discussions about teaching, including various teaching methods, grading standards, counseling, use of computers, etc. All teaching [assistants] also take ENG 7910 (1 credit hour) every semester. This course addresses professional and pedagogical issues in the profession.

Thesis or Master's Essay

The master's thesis must observe college, departmental, and individual faculty deadlines and criteria for the thesis. The master's essay is a scholarly essay of publishable quality and length, written as an extension of work done in a seminar but researched and reshaped to meet professional standards of scholarly publications, and submitted to the faculty director of the essay.

Foreign Language

Two years of coursework as recorded on an undergraduate transcript; or, a grade of CR (B or better) in any Ohio University Modern Language graduate series or Classics.

Departmental Concentrations

Students will elect one of the following concentrations:

Literary History

Students choosing Literary History take one seminar covering literature before 1640, one in British or American literature from 1640-1830, one in British or American literature from 1830-present, and one in multi-ethnic / cross cultural literature. They also take two additional masters level courses or one additional course and the thesis option.

Creative Writing

Students choosing Creative Writing take three creative writing workshops in their genre of specialization and one additional creative writing workshop outside that genre. They also take two literary history seminars and complete a creative master's thesis.

Rhetoric and Composition

Rhetoric and Composition students take four seminars in rhetoric and composition. They also take Critical Theory I and one literary history seminar. Rhetoric and Composition students select their four rhetoric and composition seminars from the following list:

  • ENG 7800 – Special Studies Seminar in Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENG 7960 – Rhetorical Traditions and Theories
  • ENG 7970 – New Media Composition in English Studies
  • ENG 7980 – History and Theories of Composition
  • ENG 7990 – Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition