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CIFER is a place for our graduate student community to access and share their teaching materials. We hope that by sharing ideas and materials, instructors are able to spark new ideas about teaching, writing, and rhetoric.

Teaching the Apocalypse Reader

As described by the official website, “The Common Experience Project (CEP) seeks to engage the Ohio University community in a shared intellectual inquiry on a common theme…[and] envisions campus-wide conversations in which we can all participate as we encourage our first-year students to become involved members of our university community.” To this end the official website for the reader contains a wealth of resources for instructors of composition including images, video, films, music and video games, all of which are helpful companions to the text. There is also a link for instructors to post their own assignments (like CIFER) and a blog where instructors can share their ideas. Instructors can visit this valuable resource here.

ENG 7910 Description and Guidelines for AY 12-13

Location: Ellis 111, unless specified otherwise

This year we reformed the old 791 to be quite different from last year. The new course now offers presentations, panels and workshops on the teaching of writing (composition). The companion course for Ph.D students (7770) focuses on professionalization. On the semester schedule, we switch off weeks with 7770 so that both scheduled hours can be used and you can attend the required number of hours. This spring we are offering seven useful, and we believe exciting, presentations and workshops. This term we have also altered the writing component from 500 word responses to posting and responding in Blackboard Discussion Forum. Here there is not minimum length; instead we are looking to expend the discussion. Your main post should be attempt to substantially contribute to that goal. Please note that the technology-related workshops will be held in Ellis 18 and limited to 20 on an RSVP basis (first 20 to do so). Please email Dr. Rouzie to request a spot.


Attend three workshop hours per semester.

For each workshop, we will establish a Blackboard discussion forum with a prompt designed to extend the conversation. To get full credit, you need to post to the forum (“start a new thread”) and then respond to at least one thread within one week of the workshop.

Email or one of the ADOCs ( and ) if you have any questions.