English @ OU

Our Mission Statement

The Department of English includes faculty distributed among four program areas: Literary Studies, Creative Writing, Composition and Rhetoric, and English Education. We offer doctoral degrees in literary studies, creative writing, and composition/rhetoric, and a master’s degree in English, serving approximately sixty graduate students in any given year. On the undergraduate level, we serve close to six hundred undergraduate majors, including almost two hundred integrated language arts majors enrolled in the College of Education.

The English Department’s central mission and goal, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, is to study and teach the history, forms, theory, and practices associated with the production and reading of written texts, especially those presenting artistic and imaginative evocations of human experience, and to help students develop an expertise for responding to such texts. These aims inevitably incorporate description of and debate about the cultural, social, economic, philosophical, and political contexts implicit in the works, thereby exposing students to a variety of such contexts, both historical and contemporary. The Department’s programs prepare students for diverse futures by offering them courses that introduce them to critical skills requisite to a fuller understanding of reading literature of all kinds.