English @ OU

Policies and Procedures


This policies and procedures manual, founded on the principle of faculty governance, is adopted to ensure fairness, order, and clarity in the administrative structure and operation of the Department of English. It supplements the Ohio University Faculty Handbook and other policies and procedures of the University to which the department and its faculty are subject. University and College of Arts and Sciences rules, policies, and procedures, and any changes to them, take precedence over statements in this document. While this manual is subject to continuing revision and may be amended at any time, it must be reviewed and either revised or reaffirmed by the faculty on the appointment of a departmental chair.

  • Part I: Administrative Job Descriptions
  •      1.1 Department Chair
  •      1.2 Department Administrator
  •      1.3 Director of Composition
  •      1.4 Director of Creative Writing
  •      1.5 Director of Graduate Studies
  •      1.6 Director of Undergraduate Studies
  •      1.7 Administrative Committee
  •      1.8 Director of Studies, Honors Tutorial Program
  • Part II: General Department Administration & Governance
  •      2.1 Voting in Department Meetings
  •      2.2 Recording Minutes
  •      2.3 Course Scheduling
  •      2.4 Selection of Department Chair
  •      2.5 Evaluation of Department Chair
  •      2.6 Honors Tutorial Rotations
  • Part III: Hiring of New Faculty
  •      3.1 Requests for Tenure-Track Positions
  •      3.2 Hiring Tenure-Track Positions
  •      3.3 Joint Tenure-Track Hires with Other Departments
  •      3.4 Opportunity Hires
  •      3.5 Spousal/Partner Tenure-Track Hires
  •      3.6 Teaching Faculty (Group II) Hires
  • Part IV: Promotion & Tenure
  •      4.1 Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure
  •      4.2 Third Year Review of Group I Faculty
  •      4.3 Promotion to Full Professor
  •      4.4 Promotion to Associate or Senior Lecturer
  •      4.4 Appendix
  •      4.5 Requesting Five-Year Contracts for Group II Faculty