English @ OU

Computer Classrooms in Ellis Hall

There are three computer classrooms in Ellis Hall; rooms 18, 19, and 20. Each computer classroom features twenty-one iMacs running Snow Leopard OS X.

Ellis 18 has the dual purpose of secured work lab and classroom. Department faculty sign up to have their classes meet in Ellis 18.

iMac Classrooms

iMac specs:

Apple iMac desktop (20 student computers per classroom)
22" widescreens
Intel Core 2 Duo processors (2.0 ghz)


OSX Snow Leopard dual-boot with Windows XP
Microsoft Office 2007 (Win side)
Microsoft Office 2008 (Mac side)
iLife Suite (includes iMovie)
Adobe Reader
Mozilla Firefox

AV resources:

Ceiling mounted LCD projectors
DVD/VCR combo players to be used with LCD projectors
Audio amplification speakers

Network resources:

Switched 10BaseT Ethernet workstation connections for LAN and Internet connectivity
Hewlett Packard 4050N Laserjet network laser printers (1 per classroom)
File and Print serving