English @ OU


The Facilities

The English department currently provides strong, up-to-date support for computer-based and computer-assisted teaching. We have one secured lab (Ellis 18) where instructors can schedule up to one half of their class meetings. (For example, if a class meets four days per week, two of those classes may be scheduled in the computer lab.) The secured lab features a graphics workstation with a scanner and scanning and graphics software programs. Whole courses are taught in our two computer classrooms (Ellis 19 and 20), which are equipped with iMac computers. In all three rooms, instructors can easily display their computer screen through an LCD projector (ceiling-mounted in the two classrooms). The classrooms both feature seminar tables in the center with computers arranged around the periphery of the room. All of our computers are fully networked with fast connections to the Internet. Faculty can access course folders from their office computers.

Support Staff

Our computer facilities are supported by Todd Dunbebin, the Humanities' Customer Service Specialist and Tom Baker, Customer Support Specialist. The website consultant, Michael Johnson, works 15 hours per week developing and maintaining the English Department's web site.

Previous Computer Consultants

  • Jonathan Harris: 2012-2013: Content Management and Development, Photographer
  • Bryan Lutz: 2011-2012: Content Management and Development, Photographer
  • Jon Holmes: 2010-2011: Content Management and Development
  • Rebecca Butorac: 2009-10: Content Management and Development
  • Russell Crooks: 2009-10: Content Management and Development, Videography
  • Daniel King: 2009-10: Content Management and Development
  • Daoine Bachran: 2007-09: Creative Writing Site Redesign, Content Management and Development, Site Design
  • Leo Meyer: 2007-09: Content Management and Development
  • Joseph Franklin:2008-09: Content Management and Development
  • Matt Schario: 2006-08: Content Management and Development, Site Design, Photography
  • Iver Arnegard: 2006-08: Content Management and Development
  • Wendy Walker: 2006-07: Content Management and Development
  • Eric Kramer: 2003-06 Version 4 Redesign; Content Management and Development, Site Design, Photography / Version 3 Redesign; Photography, Content Development
  • Kelley Evans: 2004-2006 Version 4 Redesign: Content Development
  • Pat Madden: 2003-04, Version 3 Redesign; CSS, HTML, Web Standards Compliancy
  • Sarah Miller: 2003-04, Version 3 Redesign; PHP Database Development
  • Grant Allen: 2003-04, Version 3 Redesign; Database Entry
  • Christina Parsons Fisanick (2002-2003)
  • Scott Gallagher (2000-2003)
  • Tracey Knapp (2002-2003)
  • Tony Viola (2002-2003)
  • Brad Chamberlain (2000-2002)
  • Elijah Wright (2001-2002)
  • Claire Kegley (2000-2001)
  • Luke Potter (2000-2001)