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For Students Starting before Fall 2012

Transitional Majors in English

Transition Advising

The English Department is no longer creating official Transitional Degree Completion Plans (TDCPs). We are more than happy, however, to provide help and guidance for students planning to major in English who did not complete a TDCP. For assistance, please get in touch with your regular academic advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies (see the bottom of this page for contact information).

Completing the Old (Quarters) Major

If you declared your English major before Fall 2012, you may choose to complete the quarters version of their English major (including English, Creative Writing, Prelaw, or Pretheology). Unless you have changed your catalog of entry to 2012-13 or later, this is the version of the major reflected on your DARS. You should be aware, however, that several classes required in that major (ENG 250–253) do not have precise semester equivalents.

If you have not made significant progress on the major—and, in particular, have not taken most of the 250–253 sequence—you will probably find it more advantageous to fulfill the new (semesters) major requirement. The checklist of requirements is located on the main English Major page, and you can see it on your own DARS by creating a What-if DARS for the English major with a catalog year of 2012-13 or later.

The checklist for the old major is here. To find semester course substitutions for quarter requirements, please consult this chart.

Please note that some of the substitutions will need to be authorized and processed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in order for you to receive the appropriate major credit.

Completing the New (Semesters) Major

All courses that would have carried credit for the old major can be applied toward the new one. For those courses that do not show up in the right section of the DARS, please ask the Director of Undergraduate Studies to authorize and process a substitution. For example, many students took ENG 251 before the semester transition in order to fulfill the pre-1800 Core requirement in the semesters major. For a full list of substitutions that will be approved, see this chart.

Transitional Minors in English

If you began an English minor before Fall 2012, you may also choose to fulfill the quarters version. The information for majors, above, however, also applies to the minor. A worksheet for planning your completion of either of the two minor curricula is available here. If you need course substitutions to apply quarter courses to the semester minor or vice versa, please consult the links in the section for majors above. Please also remember that many of these substitutions will need to be approved and processed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies for English.

Q2S Questions

For more information about the Q2S transition in the English Department, contact your advisor or the following faculty:

Other resources for the transition can be found on the main Ohio University Q2S pages and on the College of Arts and Sciences transition page